November Monthly Meeting

November 19, 2017 at the Desert Botanical Garden

2:00 PM in Dorrance Hall

Pananyoti Kelaidis, Senior Curator and Director of Outreach, Denver Botanical Gardens

Cacti and Succulents from Botanical Gardens around the World

With our rich bounty of succulents in the Southwest, we can sometimes forget that there is a passion for cacti and succulents around the world. Even Central Arizona Gardeners might be surprised at what is being grown not just in the great public gardens or Europe, but across Eurasia and in the Southern Hemisphere as well. We’re living in the “Age of the Succulent” and cacti and succulents figure prominently in collections and public gardens around the world. I’ve been fortunate to visit quite a few of these over the decades, and will share some of those that interested me most in the talk.

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