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Adenium: On the Dry Side – Tim Chapman

Agave Bud Marking and Cross Banding – Jim Elliott

Agave Kichi Jokan: An Unsolved Mystery – Tom Gatz

Agaves: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – Tom Gatz

Aloe – Leo Martin

Cold Tolerant Aloes – Arid Lands

Favorite CACSS Aloes

Aloinopsis – Leo Martin

Ariocarpus – Leo Martin

Beaucarnea recurvata, the ponytail palm – Leo Martin

Borzicactus and Cleistocactus – Leo Martin

Cold-Hardy Euphorbias – Tom Gatz

Conophytum – Leo Martin

Cucurbits – Leo Martin

Easy Mesembs for Phoenix – Leo Martin

Echinopsis, the Easter Lily Cactus – Leo Martin

Echinocereus engelmannii – Leo Martin

Euphorbia obesa in the Phoenix Area – Laurence Garvie

Euphorbia – Scott McMahon

Fouquieria – Leo Martin

Frailea: A Cactus Genus for the Space Impaired Stan and Joan Skirvin

Gymnocactus – Leo Martin

Gymnocalycium – Leo Martin

Holiday Cactus I – Leo Martin

Holiday Cactus II – Leo Martin

Hoodia – Leo Martin

Huernia and Stapelia – Leo Martin

Lithops in Phoenix – Doug Dawson

Lithops – Leo Martin

Mammillaria – Leo Martin

Mammillaria: Preventing Rot – Leo Martin

Mesembryanthemaceae – James A Robbins

Mesembryanthemum nodiflorum – Laurence Garvie

Mesembs – Leo Martin

Miniature Desert Trees – Tom Gatz

The Monster that Ate Sun City West – Jim Elliott

Monvillea – Leo Martin

Notocactus and Allies – Leo Martin

Othonna – Leo Martin

Pilosocereus – Leo Martin

Pterodiscus and Uncarina – Leo Martin

Stapelia and Huernia – Leo Martin

Rooting Epiphytic Cacti in Arizona – Leo Martin

Six Easy Stapelids – Leo Martin

Smitten with Sansevieria – Sue Hakala

Stapeliads – Leo Martin

Teddy Bear and Chain Fruit Chollas – John Alcock

Winter-Growing Mesembs Through the Year – Leo Martin


More Growing Articles

An Acid Trip for your Plants – Lee Brownson

Drip Irrigation – Leo Martin

Fall Plant Care – Leo Martin

Fertilizing – Marina Welham

Cactus Surgery – Deborah Korobkin

Helpful Hints – Paul Schueneman

How to Treat a New Plant – Leo Martin

No Greenhouse, No Lath House – Martha Passwater

Shade for Cactus – Tom Gatz

Soils and Pots – Leo Martin

Stocks for Grafting Cactus – Bob Moulis

Transplanting Saguaros – Jim Elliott

Turn of the Seasons – Leo Martin

Waiting to Exhale – Tom Gatz

Wintering Plants – Leo Martin

Winter in the Valley of the Sun – Leo Martin

Winter Protection – Leo Martin


Agave from Seed – Charlie Merbs

Cactus from Seed – Leo Martin

Joy of Propagating From Seed – Joan Skirvin

Winter-Growing Succulents from Seed – Leo Martin

Winter Rainfall Bulbs from Seed

handout from workshop by Leo Martin on September 28, 2013


Agave Snout Weevils – Scott McMahon

Agave Snout Weevils – Tom Gatz

Aphids: Amazons of the Insect World – Sue Hakala

Cactus Longhorn Beetles – Sue Hakala

Digger Bees – Sue Hakala

Ladybugs – Sue Hakala

Mealybugs – Sue Hakala

Spider Mites – Sue Hakala

Stinkbugs – Sue Hakala

The White Plague of Opuntia – Muriel Beroza

Frost Damage 2004 – Jim Elliott

Frost on Cactus – Kent Newland

Fungal Infections of Cacti – Anonymous for Now

Keep the Birds Out – Leo Martin

My War with Mealybugs – Judy Johnson