Meeting Location: Desert Botanical Garden – Dorrance Hall

Meeting Time: 2:00 p.m

Presenter: Rob Romero

Rob is a long time amateur cactus hobbyist and field explorer.  He enjoys growing various cacti of the southwestern US and Mexico.  Growing from seed is a long time addiction.  He is also one fourth of the writing team that helped to create the very popular book, Field Guide to the Cacti and other Succulents of Arizona.

Presentation: Hedgehog Heaven

There is a small mountain range in southern New Mexico, the Jarilla Mountains. Situated just east of the town of Orogrande, it is a very special place indeed.  It is here that 5 species of Echinocereus occur together and have created what is arguably the most spectacular array of hybrids that one can find in nature.  These hybrids have likely crossed and back crossed for a very long time and the variety of flowers they produce is quite amazing.  One can see a rainbow of color along with different shapes and sizes.

Easily accessed and open to hiking, there are also several other species of cacti and other succulent plants to see.  The program will showcase a time when conditions were such that a banner year of flowers were on display.

Below are some images of Echinocereus x roetteri: