Meeting Location: Scottsdale Civic Center Library
Meeting Time: 2:00 p.m.

There will be no silent auction, free plant table or refreshments at this meeting

The monthly meetings will include:

  • Announcements of upcoming meetings and events        .
  • Club news
  • A monthly presentation

Members frequently bring in cuttings to share on the free plant table.

We meet at 2:00 pm the last Sunday of most months at the Desert Botanical Garden, 1201 North Galvin Parkway, Phoenix, Arizona. The general meeting begins at 2 pm but you can come early to socialize and peruse the Silent Auction plants. Here is a map of the Garden.

Our Board meets monthly to discuss CACSS business; all members are welcome to attend Board meetings.

Scott McMahon

Scott McMahon is the Cactaceae Collections Manager at the Desert Botanical Garden (DBG). The collection is one of the largest and most complete in the world, with over 10,000 plants in total. He has a BS and MS in Plant Protection from the University of Arizona and is a Certified Arborist which was his first position at the DBG.

Baja – Part II

“The second part of the Baja presentation covers Baja California Sur south of the Vizcaino Desert and down the main highway to Cabo San Lucas.  We also went to the islands Carmen, Magdalena, and Cerralvo to look at the unique plants there. Still miles of cardons and organ pipes with Jatrophas, Fouquierias, and Burseras in abundance.  Although still in the Sonoran Desert, different plants began to appear, such as Pachycereus pecten-arboriginum, and at the Cape Region, Stenocereus thurberi, ssp. littoralis. The climate becomes warmer and more humid with some of the plants too frost tender to grow here without protection. Many people come here to enjoy fishing, scuba diving, and whale watching.”